Thursday, October 29, 2009

October Family Fun

(stole this from Natasha's blog because I didn't have a picture of us all)

So if your from Utah, you automoically know that it's time for the deer hunt! I love how we get a day off to go hunting... who would of ever thought that you could not go to school for that! haha so funny to me! Well the picture above is from when Tasha killed her buck. We had to climb to the top of the mountain to help carry the meat. Did I say TO THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN!!! It was pretty nuts! I tell ya what, the Myers are dedicated hunters because if it was me, I wouldn't have followed a deer to the top of a mountain.-You can tell that I haven't spilled any blood yet or else I might have said something else. Can I just say that this is my 2nd deer hunt. I was pretty tough! We hiked all over and then the next Saturday rode horses for 7 hours all day and only saw 3 does- I couldn't believe it; those stupid deer! It was great to be around family and to spend some quality time with everyone.

Blake carrying down the bloody meet! ewww

Me just chillin out glassin for deer