Thursday, November 10, 2011

McCoy B. Myers

McCoy B. Myers was born November 3, 2011 at 6:26 am. He was 5 lbs 15 oz and 19 inches long.

I finally got a phone call the Novemeber 2nd around 5:30 pm saying to come in! We were so thrilled that it was actually happening... we were going to have a baby within the next 12 hours=) But we first had to go pick up my mother at the airport.
They gave me some pills that dissolved in my mouth to help start with the contractions. At 3am I was dilated at a 3 and effaced 90%, my lovely nurse gave me some pain killers, but it didn't really sooth the pain, it just made me super loopy! It wasn't working at all so she checked me and I was at 4, so the CRNA was called and I'm still really loopy but in pain. I started throwing up.... NEXT thing I was not prepared for!!! I went from a 4 to complete in like 20 minutes! I was contracting every 1 1/2 minutes when getting my epidural. Holy Freaking Moly talk about pain!!!! There are no books or magazines that can prepare you for the pain. I thought I was going to die! I couldn't breathe and I couldn't stop pushing. I sounded like a crazy person! Blake was in the corner at this moment and I was digging my hands into my mom's arms. The sweet CNRA thought that I was going to have the baby right then and there, without my doctor, and that he was going to be the one to deliver him. Dr N got there and he broke my water... the only strange thing was, I didn't have any! Finally it was time to push=) Blake and my mom helped me with the pushing. I had a hard time figuring out how to push because I couldn't feel a dang thing. I pushed for a total of 45 minutes. But his heart rate would drop, so they had to use a vacuum on him. It dropped all the way down to 50 so I had to push him out ASAP! I finally saw his little head and he was delivered at 6:26 am. They put him on my stomach and I was a little worried, because he wasn't crying and he was a bit purple. Finally I heard him cry and it was a sigh of relief. Wow I can't even tell ya the how full my heart felt that our little baby boy was finally here! I'm so glad that my mom was able to be there because she really helped me out a ton!

Getting ready

Teeny Tiny

I love this picture!

Going Home

We thought that when we left the hospital on Friday, November 4th we could just go home and relax. NOT! Sunday, we had to go get his Billy Light checked. Less than an hour later, I got a phone call saying that he had to be readmitted to the nursery because his count was critically high. REALLY?! I lost it but then realized things could be a lot worse. So we rushed over there and they had to hook him to the machines and lights. He was also very dehydrated. 24 hours later we were able to go home, but with a bed. I was just glad that we could go home!


Yesterday, we went to the doctor and here are his stats...
weight= 5 lb 12, 4%
I promise I'm feeding him and he's got plenty to eat!
Height= 20 inches, 47%
He grew an inch in a week!

Today, McCoy is 1 week old!!! Happy 1 week birthday little boy. Mom and Dad love you!
He is such a good baby. When he sleeps, he doesn't make a peep. He is finally getting the hang of nursing. His feet are as long as my pointer finger. He loves to have his feet touched. He looks exactly like me when I was born, but has Blake's ears and toes.

1 week old!

I'm recovering slowly... We won't be having another baby for a while. haha I feel like I'm in high school again doing the flying jump splits. Other than feeling icky south of the border, I feel great! I see why maternity leave is 6 weeks, it's just so your crotch can heal, not to get used to have a baby! HA HA

McCoy loves his bath.

We go through like 3 outfits a day with this kiddo! Good thing we won a washer and dryer because we use it more now than ever!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just Our Luck!

Okay so I know that I said our next post would be about our little one's arrival but... as you can see NO BABY!!!

Monday night, I got the best sleep in the world knowing that the next night (Tuesday) I wasn't hardly going to get any sleep due to the fact that we were scheduled to go to the hospital at 3am. So before Blake went to work at 6, we decided to go eat at IHOP since that was going to be my last meal for a while. Well around 7ish I got a phone call from the hospital, just thinking that they were calling to remind me to come in at 3. WRONG! The nurse said that all the rooms were full, so don't come at 3 and we will just give you a call when it's your turn. So do you think that I got any sleep last night??? NOPE!!! Blake got some good sleep, but not I. Well this morning I called to see where we were at and there is still no room! Come on people... go home so I can have my baby please! I seriously feel like Marry and Baby Jesus. No room at the Inn so your going to have to give birth with animals.
Talk about a birth plan not going to plan right?! My mom is thrilled because now she will be here, but who knows... we will probably be waiting around forever.
So now I'm sitting here very uncomfortable trying to wait very patiently for that golden phone call, thinking about what I should eat now and drinking a Delicious cherry coke. Blake will call my phone thinking it's funny as I rush to grab it thinking it's the hospital... NOT FUNNY!
I've seriously have had our bags packed for weeks!

Got our maternity pictures back, so here is a few.

This is my favorite!

Got to have me some leopard=)