Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moved and Texas

Long time no post ehh? Well we have moved from Cedar to Delta just for the summer and then off to Salt Lake City. I will miss a handful of things there... my sweet Talons, my wonderful doctors (if you need a GREAT doctor go see Dr. Newman and Dr. Polson), and few other fanstatic people. Blake is riding and training horses for the summer and I am just being a mom. My day happens a little something like this... McCoy and I wake up around 8. Feed McCoy some cereal and we watch Bubble Guppies. Bath time and then a bottle for nap time. He will usually sleep for atleast an hour. When he wakes we will go take Blake some lunch and go see all the horses. McCoy loves animals! We head home and it's play time and feed McCoy some lunch. Then nap time again and after nap time it's time to cook dinner and Blake comes home =) High light of our day! After we clean up dinner then we go shoot some quimp (sp?) They are like little goffer rodents. Then play time with our dog Ace and feed the horses. Feed McCoy some dinner around 9 and then a bottle and bed at 9:30/10. And that is how my day goes.... pretty boring if you ask me!
McCoy and I are in Texas right at my house to get my mom packed and ready to move her to Utah. So his schedule is way off and has started this phase that is my back is turned to him or if i'm out of the room he will just ball! I can't even go to the bathroom or get a drink of water without him crying. Please someone tell me that this is just a phase!?!

                    McCoy can suck threw a straw so we got him a stram sippy cup and he loves it!

                                Got to wear a hat some we don't get sunburn when we go see daddy!

                                                         Laughing at our dog and horses

Such a cute little boy!

                                                Taking a bath in grandma's sink

                          McCoy hated this sticker being on his face, man was he soo mad at me!

We went to Canton, which is like a giant craft fair and is a women's dream place to go. McCoy went to town on this pickle! Yummm!