Sunday, December 9, 2012

Family Pictures

Before I post about our pictures, I just want to say.... I am offically a college graduate! Whoot whoot! I can't believe that I am finally done with school! It feels so great to be done. I literally feel like a load of bricks have been taken off my shoulders and now I can relax and enjoy my time with my family and take care of McCoy. I also survived my first week of being a full time stay at home mom. Ha ha! No, I'm really loving spending some good quality time with my baby boy.
Family pictures this year were AMAZING! I had a freak out moment though becuase I had originally booked with a lady that I never heard from and saw on fbook that she was having health issues and I thought since I hadn't heard from her that maybe she had die. Well she didn't die, but she was diagnosed with cancer so we had to cancell our session. I was freaking out about trying to find another great photographer. I looked all over online and came across a wonderful lady! I'm so lucky to have found her becuase she is exactly what I was looking for =) I'm so glad that everything worked out and we are very happy how our pictures turned out! So look up Suzy Holman Photography on fbook. She took over 700 pictures of us and she was only like $80! We took these at WheelerFarms in Salt Lake City. It was the cutest little farm ever, with turkeys, cows, chickens, and horses. McCoy had a hay day trying to touch the animals and I can't wait to go back in the spring for a nice picnic. 
This is one of my favorites!
 Love baby cowboy boots
He is getting so big

I love me some McCoy 
 I call this "Mom Moment"

This makes my heart melt!
Well I hope you all are doing great and enjoying winter! Next post will be McCoy's 1st Birthday!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I never know what to title my posts....

 So here is what has been going on...
I am half way done with student teaching!!! Yippee! I really really loved my 4th grade class. It was all about having fun and working hard. They were all awesome kids and I had a great mentor teacher that basically let me take over the entire time! Now I'm in 2nd grade and I'm really struggling. The attitude in the class is so depressing. I feel really sad and sorry for these kids. My goal while I'm here is to make school enjoyable and learning fun. Plus I try to be really positive with them since they don't get alot of that. But this week I'm a stay at home mom=) Our nanny (AKA my mom) went to a convention in Vegas for a whole week so I had to take a whole week off. McCoy is every excited about me staying home with him 24/7! Blake is loving pharmacy school. Haha it's stressful but he is doing a great job! We are so proud of him. Love you honey! Well this will probably be my only post until student teaching is over exspect I'll post some pictures of McCoy's 1st birthday. I still sometimes can't believe we have a kid... and he's about to be 1! McCoy has been walking all over the place. Pretty scarey... anyways untill next time yall!

Since teaching 2nd graders I have found 7 year old self again!

 McCoy loves swings!

And he lovvvessss chocolate ice cream!

 Blake's white coat cermemony at the U, he is offical now=)
Our pumpkins this year: Blake's buck, my mom's TX, mine Texas Longhorns, and McCoy's baby feet and hands (I saw it on pintrest and I must say it looked way cuter online)

 We went to the pumpkin patch for FHE.
 Our munckin was so worn out he fell asleep waiting for lunch.
McCoy loves it when mom is home with him!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Recap

We have Internet now!!! So sorry about no posts and this will be a picture over load post.

We will start with our trip to Dallas to help my mom pack and move to Utah.
The air conditioner broke when we were in Dallas so we thought we would go to the aquarium.


We also went to a place where you drive your car threw a little safari, oh and you feed the animals. I was freaking out when the animals got to close to McCoy but he seemed to love it!
                                                            Some kind of deer.                                                                


        Had to stop and take a picture with the Longhorns!

Family moment

On our drive to Utah we had to stop at the Big Texan Steak House! It's the famous one on Man vs. Food. I had prime rib and it was to die for!!! If you ever go to Amarillo go there!

                         We also went to the Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo and we all signed our names.

Just summer fun....
 Swimming with Briggs!

4th of July Parade. McCoy didn't really know what to think about it all.
My 2 favorite guys!

    Playing out at the Res.
Tractor ride with Grandpa part 1.

     Tractor ride part 2... He feel asleep so fast.

                                                   McCoy now walks with his walker and with furniture. He started to crawl like 2 weeks ago but would rather walk everywhere with help than crawl. He can go up the stairs... and he is into everything!!! But we sure do love our little monkey! And his favorite movie is Tangled.

Rodeo with Dad.

Well we have moved to Salt Lake. A bitter sweet moment for us. Living in Delta for the summer grew on me and I didn't want to leave to go to a big city. Blake starts Pharmacy school on Monday and then I start my student teaching on the 27th! Ill be with 4th grade 6 weeks and then 2nd grade for another 6 weeks. Until then I am just going to try to get the house situated and spend some time with my little boy. I hope you all have had a great summer!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moved and Texas

Long time no post ehh? Well we have moved from Cedar to Delta just for the summer and then off to Salt Lake City. I will miss a handful of things there... my sweet Talons, my wonderful doctors (if you need a GREAT doctor go see Dr. Newman and Dr. Polson), and few other fanstatic people. Blake is riding and training horses for the summer and I am just being a mom. My day happens a little something like this... McCoy and I wake up around 8. Feed McCoy some cereal and we watch Bubble Guppies. Bath time and then a bottle for nap time. He will usually sleep for atleast an hour. When he wakes we will go take Blake some lunch and go see all the horses. McCoy loves animals! We head home and it's play time and feed McCoy some lunch. Then nap time again and after nap time it's time to cook dinner and Blake comes home =) High light of our day! After we clean up dinner then we go shoot some quimp (sp?) They are like little goffer rodents. Then play time with our dog Ace and feed the horses. Feed McCoy some dinner around 9 and then a bottle and bed at 9:30/10. And that is how my day goes.... pretty boring if you ask me!
McCoy and I are in Texas right at my house to get my mom packed and ready to move her to Utah. So his schedule is way off and has started this phase that is my back is turned to him or if i'm out of the room he will just ball! I can't even go to the bathroom or get a drink of water without him crying. Please someone tell me that this is just a phase!?!

                    McCoy can suck threw a straw so we got him a stram sippy cup and he loves it!

                                Got to wear a hat some we don't get sunburn when we go see daddy!

                                                         Laughing at our dog and horses

Such a cute little boy!

                                                Taking a bath in grandma's sink

                          McCoy hated this sticker being on his face, man was he soo mad at me!

We went to Canton, which is like a giant craft fair and is a women's dream place to go. McCoy went to town on this pickle! Yummm!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! We went to Delta for the weekend and the weather was just beautiful. We even got kissed by the sun=)
Saturday was filled with family fun: Big brunch on the lawn, easter egg hunt, riding horses, and much more. McCoy obviously didn't know what was going on but I still had to include him in the festivities.

Our little easter bunny. Oh I just love that face!!!

McCoy's easter basket.

He is going to be one heart breaker when he gets older. (I didn't pose him like this, he did it himself)

Easter egg hunting with dad

McCoy loved this horse tire swing.
Riding Charlie with Mom... did ya notice my saddle blanket is leopard?!

Friday, March 30, 2012


How do you picture heaven? I believe in the what the Scriptures say about the Plan of Salvation but I think that when I die that all the past Prophets, Heavenly Father, and important people that I loved will be there welcoming me. Like at the end of Titanic. I know I'm funny to think that way. Oh and I can't forget all my pets that died=)

We lost our beloved Rex on February 19th to a 22 month battle with cancer. He died at home with my mom by his side. I can't imagine how much pain my mom is going through. It just makes me heart ache thinking about it. Blake and I went to Texas for the funeral. I never went up to the casket because I didn't want that to be my last image of him. We couldn't believe how many people came to the TX funeral! It's just amazing how many lives he touched. Even our Hispanic landscaper came! I learned alot about Rex, like he was so willing to help everyone and anyone. For example, after he had some chemo treatment done he saw and guy that just had some treatment done as well and he was hitch hiking back home to Oklahoma. Rex being who he was drove him all the way home! The other day a man was asking for some money for gas and I was prompted to give him a few bucks, first thing that came to my mind was Rex. Anyways we all few back to Utah and my mom came with us. We had a burial funeral up in Wellsville (near Logan) that is where Rex grew up. We couldn't believe how many people showed up there! It was so nice of people to come all the way up there to pay their respects.

It still just doesn't seem real to us. Just the other day I was thinking I need to get his advice about somethings and then I realized that's not possible. These are a few of my favorite memories of Rex was when he would drive me to school and we would sing "Hey Jude" by The Beatles, when we lived in Georgia he got me a pink blow up couch for Christmas, he would pretend to put quarters into my back and I would go crazy silly, when him and I went to go pick up our Bandit when he was just a puppy, and making my pink barbie pine wood derby car for church. Again it just doesn't seem real... it really does feel like he is on a business trip.

I know that Rex is up there playing the banjo for the angels to sing to and throwing the ball for our dog Bandit. We love you Rex!!!!

Okay how about something uplifting!
Blake got into the University of Utah, so guess where we will be moving? That's right folks, up to Salt Lake City! I'm excited to be up near a mall =) And things to do with McCoy like the ZOO and Children's Museum. So if anyone knows of a 4- 5 bedroom house for rent up there let us know please! My mom is going to live with us for a while so that's why so many bedrooms.

McCoy is almost 5 months old! At his 4 month dr. appointment he weighed 13.8 lbs (30%) and 24.4 inches (34%). He hums all the time and is such a loud talker. He has rolled over a few times and has been eating cereal and veggies. I usually feed him cereal in the morning/lunch and then a veggie for dinner. McCoy is also getting a tooth. The whole top is now showing so when he smiles it's just the cutest thing ever! He are soo blessed to have him in our lives! We love you Mr. Magoo!

Love this little boy!

He is starting to really like his jumper

Messy face from carrots

Eating cereal.