Sunday, December 19, 2010

Most Magical Place

For Christmas, Blake and I decided to go to DisneyLand!!! I can't even begin to tell you how much fun we had. We drove to LA which wasn't bad at all, though there is nothing to look at except desert. We did get to see the world's largest thermometer=) I looked at before we left and it said that it was going to be the high 60's and low 70's. Now keep in mind that since it's winter and freezing in Utah I couldn't remember what these temperatures felt like. To me these sound chilly, so a light long sleeve shirt should be perfect. WRONG!!! We got to LA and about had heat stroke and had to go buy short sleeve tee shirts. We for sure looked like tourists. HA.
Now to DisneyLand. This was Blake's 1st time going and I believe my 4th. ***EVERYONE TAKE NOTE*** You must go between Thanksgiving and the week before Christmas!!! AND don't forget to do FASTPASS!!! We rode every single ride we wanted! I'm not kidding. At 10:30 we rode about everything on our list and went to California Adventure for a few hours then went back to DisneyLand for the parade. I think we were able to this because of a book that we read and we had a plan. You have to have a plan. All in all I cried 3 times because I was so happy. This is seriously the most magical place in the whole wide world! We did Disney Land and California Adventure in 1 day- We had a Disney hangover the next morning because we walked a ton and had so much fun!

Newport Beach- My Heaven

There were a ton of people fishing on this pier and we even saw a sea lion!

This is made out of legos. CRAZY!

Christmas Tree in Disneyland

In line for Toy Story at Cali Adv. We loved this ride!!!

Mr. Potato head

FAVORITE! I wanted to ride it again, but Blake said no=(

It's so funny how things look so much bigger when you are little, then you grow up and it's tiny!

Tea Cups

California Adventure

This is The World Of Color. It was amazing!!! Pictures don't do much, but in real life it's mindblowing how someone created this.

We had so much fun in California and can't wait to take our kids there some day. Oh and Merry Christmas<3

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This 30 Day Deal is about to kill me.....

DAY 8: Short Term Goals For This Month
Get good grades this semester.
Drive to California without any accidents.
Egh... that's enough!

DAY 9: Something Your Proud Of
Surviving this semester.
Moving into a 2 bedroom apartment.
Going to a dance competition and not crying nor NOT exchanging some very choice words with a few people =)

DAY 10-16 SKIPPING!!!!

DAY 17: Someone I Would Switch Lives With For A Day... would be Jennifer Aniston. Hello what women wouldn't switched lives with her?!

I realized this past weekend... that even though I am not pregnant, have a child, a big house, or lots of money... I am happy. Yes I have my ups and downs like every other women, but it really hit me that I am happy. Seriously though I was sitting there and it really hit me; It was a pretty neat experience for me to feel like this right now. I am lucky that I have an amazing husband and amazing parents! I no longer have the stress on the back of wretched parents and teenagers. I can live and enjoy life! I no longer have my heart pounding out of my chest every time my phone rings or when I get a new email. The Lord is no my side and I just have to faith that he knows what is best for me, not anyone else, and he will lead my in the right direction. I no longer have to live in a tiny shoe box. I am a married women who is loving life!
I have also come to realize that I have been more emotional now than ever in my life... I cry about every movie I watch even if it's about a dog! Those St. Jude Children's Hospital commercial gets me very time! Okay really anything about cancer gets me. My fish died (I had him for 3+ years) and I cried, though I flushed him down the toilet but cried. I guess I am my mothers daughter. I used to think 'jeeze my mom cry's a lot about the dumbest things in movies' well now that is me! FUNNY!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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