Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Blake and I spent Thanksgiving this year with his family. It was fun, we had Thanksgiving dinner with the Myers side on Wednesday night and then went up to American Fork on Thursday and had the real Thanksgiving there with the Cloward side. It was good to see everyone and eat and eat some more=) Oh and can't forget football... GOOO COWBOYS!
It's always been my tradition to get up early and go shopping on black friday. So this year was perfect since we were by all the right stores! We planned our route and everything that we were going to buy the night before. We woke up at 2:30 am to go to Old Navy at 3 because they were having a big sale were tee's were $5! Well we get there and they only open 1 stinkin door... We decided to just stand around until the line got done but then everyone started yelling at us-even the store manager- because they thought we were going to cut them in line! I wasn't going to put up with those ronchy people so we decided to go to JcPenny and waited for 45 minutes there until the doors opened at 4am. Then we ran over to Walmart, that was a nut house! Blake was gaurding one thing and I was gaurding another. Haha! Once we got our goods, we drove to Shopko, and then off to the mall. Overall it was a good time and I'm glad I got to keep my tradition with my husband=) We would have spent $326 but since it was Black Friday, we only spent $106! It was totally worth it and now we are done Christmas Shopping.

This is at Old Navy... the line was past the picture.

This is at Walmart- we were in line to check out.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and if you went shopping, I hope you got as good as sales as we did!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Twins Are Finally Here

The Louder twins are finally here after a very long wait for them=) Jagger and Jhett arrived early Saturday morning November 7th, 2009. We are all so glad that they are healthy and happy little baby boys! Justin and Sheri are going to be great parents to those little two and Jaxon is going to be the best big brother helping his mom and dad. I can't wait to hold them!- or maybe I better not since it'll probably make me baby hungry....