Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'm am not a fire women!
In November I bought a potato bag (it's a bag that you place your veggies in and cook them in the microwave for 6 minutes)and I have used it once in the past and the potatoes tasted pretty good for cooking in the microwave. Well last night for dinner... we decided to have bake potatoes and use our handy dandy potato bag! BAD IDEA!!! I put the bag in for about 6 minutes and about 4 minutes into cooking, I could smell something awful. Finally with 40 seconds left, i realized our potato bag was smoking!!! And it was smoking bad. I blew on it a few times, but then thought to myself very quickly that that is a bad idea. I screamed for Blake and he ran the smoking bag outside our apartment. When I screamed, he was busy in the bathroom so he ran outside with his pants down!!! HILARIOUS! And the bag caught on fire outside because it was windy! Then while we were trying to put out the fire, we forgot about cheese cooking in a sauce pan and that caught on fire!!! By the end of the night, I was shaking and no longer hungry because of all of the excitement...
Looking back now it's funny but at the time I was freaking out!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Right before I fall asleep, strange questions pops into my head: Like this one. I am the only one wonders, where do these 'guys' who wear littler jeans than me find them???? Do you think they shop in womens for size 0 or do some stores have a goal of selling the smallest man pant ever?! Seriously something is wrong when a man is wearing super skinny jeans!

Now to life...
School started, BARRRFFFFF!
I am taking Calc 1, really enjoying my professor! She makes sense, unlike Mr. ExDrugy! Out of Blake and I, I have the most homework and it's all calculus. I spend most of my day in the tutor center (like now, but taking a short break) working on homework. I only have 2 more classes, which I will take in Fall 2011, then the block in Spring 2012. Depending on where we go for graduate school, we will leave either in May or August. BUT I will have to put my schooling on hold, unless Blake gets accepted to the U. I kind of want to, well I badly want to get out of Utah since we will probably live here for the rest of our lives. If I could pick anywhere to go live for 4 years, it would either be FL or HI! BACK TO REALITY though... ha, I just don't want to go anywhere North of Utah.
Anyways, school is about as excitting as our life gets.