Monday, December 19, 2011


Yesterday Blake blessed McCoy. He did a great job and McCoy was such a good baby during it. Poor thing has a little cold right now though, but we think he is getting better. We are so lucky to have such great families that could come to the blessing. My mom was able to come but we sure missed Rex. He was just too weak and sick to come. Also my dad, grandma, and little sisters flew in for it too.

Our little family!

Blessing outfit- we lost a button.

Well we made it through finals once again and are out of school for Christmas Break and are in Delta until after Christmas. Blake is in heaven =) We had a competition this past Saturday too. They did so good and I'm so proud of them! We got 2nd in Military, 2nd in Dance, and 1st in Character. Dixie is going to be tough to beat!

McCoy and Cousin Briggs playin in the wagon.

6 weeks old!!! He is almost 9 lbs now!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


This post is dedicated to my wonderful parents... It's their ANNIVERSARY today=) I'm sure it's a bittersweet day considering the situation.

16 years ago today, Rex and Tauna Lindley were married at Union Station in Ogden, UT. I was the flower girl =) Rex got some baggage; a kid and an inside dog!- The dog grew on him, and I guess so did I;)

This is when Rex had hair and my mom had big hair. Haha. Oh and I wouldn't take off my crown for anything!

How it all started... Rex's sister lined them up over the phone (very strange story) because we lived in Utah and He lived in Texas. My mom went and visited him a few times and couple months later we went out to visit and Rex took us on a horse carriage ride in Downtown Dallas. He asked my mom to marry him. After they got married, we moved to Red Oak, Texas. I had a kitty room! I could go into all the stories about Rex but that will be another post someday.
This past July, they were finally sealed for all time and eternity in the Dallas, Texas Temple. The had been trying to get sealed for a EVERY LONG TIME! It all worked out perfect and just in the nick of time.

Thank you Rex for taking such good care of us and loving both of us.
We love you guys!!! Happy Anniversary! MUAH <3

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Almost A Month

Where has the time gone?! I swear it was just yesterday we were leaving the hospital to come home. Well McCoy is getting so big. He is now out of preemie diapers and clothes and can now fit into newborns. I don't have many newborn clothes because we were expecting him to be 7 or 8 lbs and everyone said that they aren't in newborn clothes for very long. So luckily my aunt is sending me all her clothes. Thanks Janette!
He is 4 weeks old today and will be a month old this Saturday. And for his birthday, we will be at UVU for his first drill team competition, to cheer on our Talon's! Saturday will be very interesting to see how well he does away from home and with lots going on. When I've taken him to practice he just sleeps so good through the blaring music so hopefully he will do the same there too.
His Stats are:
Weight: 7.5 lbs= 8%
Height: 20 inches= 10%
Head: 14 inches= 11%

He is starting to like his swing.

McCoy likes his sling. So does mom, so I can do stuff.

Our precious little boy

He is so cute when he sleeps.

The last 2 weeks have been rough. McCoy was so gasy so he would just cry and scream, but once he pushed it out he was so happy. Now he is sleeping at night for 5 hours before waking up to eat. Blake and I couldn't be happier! But during the day it's still every 3 hours. He has started to spit up, or should I say shoot up. He sure can shoot it far too!

Since his cord fell off, we can give him real baths.

Blake has been a great help. He is way more involved with helping me more than I ever thought he would be. He is changing diapers, burping, feeding, and gets up with him in the night. There were many times when McCoy be would be wide awake and would cry if you put him down, so Blake would rock him for a while so I could get some sleep. I'm so lucky to have him as a husband. I don't think I could have survived these past weeks without him. Lover you Blake!

Loves hanging out on dad's chest.

This upcoming week is our last week of school and then it's finals. I don't have any finals =) WHOOT WHOOT! Love being an education major! Blake has like a billion, of coarse. But he will do awesome like always.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that yall got some smokin Black Friday deals!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

McCoy B. Myers

McCoy B. Myers was born November 3, 2011 at 6:26 am. He was 5 lbs 15 oz and 19 inches long.

I finally got a phone call the Novemeber 2nd around 5:30 pm saying to come in! We were so thrilled that it was actually happening... we were going to have a baby within the next 12 hours=) But we first had to go pick up my mother at the airport.
They gave me some pills that dissolved in my mouth to help start with the contractions. At 3am I was dilated at a 3 and effaced 90%, my lovely nurse gave me some pain killers, but it didn't really sooth the pain, it just made me super loopy! It wasn't working at all so she checked me and I was at 4, so the CRNA was called and I'm still really loopy but in pain. I started throwing up.... NEXT thing I was not prepared for!!! I went from a 4 to complete in like 20 minutes! I was contracting every 1 1/2 minutes when getting my epidural. Holy Freaking Moly talk about pain!!!! There are no books or magazines that can prepare you for the pain. I thought I was going to die! I couldn't breathe and I couldn't stop pushing. I sounded like a crazy person! Blake was in the corner at this moment and I was digging my hands into my mom's arms. The sweet CNRA thought that I was going to have the baby right then and there, without my doctor, and that he was going to be the one to deliver him. Dr N got there and he broke my water... the only strange thing was, I didn't have any! Finally it was time to push=) Blake and my mom helped me with the pushing. I had a hard time figuring out how to push because I couldn't feel a dang thing. I pushed for a total of 45 minutes. But his heart rate would drop, so they had to use a vacuum on him. It dropped all the way down to 50 so I had to push him out ASAP! I finally saw his little head and he was delivered at 6:26 am. They put him on my stomach and I was a little worried, because he wasn't crying and he was a bit purple. Finally I heard him cry and it was a sigh of relief. Wow I can't even tell ya the how full my heart felt that our little baby boy was finally here! I'm so glad that my mom was able to be there because she really helped me out a ton!

Getting ready

Teeny Tiny

I love this picture!

Going Home

We thought that when we left the hospital on Friday, November 4th we could just go home and relax. NOT! Sunday, we had to go get his Billy Light checked. Less than an hour later, I got a phone call saying that he had to be readmitted to the nursery because his count was critically high. REALLY?! I lost it but then realized things could be a lot worse. So we rushed over there and they had to hook him to the machines and lights. He was also very dehydrated. 24 hours later we were able to go home, but with a bed. I was just glad that we could go home!


Yesterday, we went to the doctor and here are his stats...
weight= 5 lb 12, 4%
I promise I'm feeding him and he's got plenty to eat!
Height= 20 inches, 47%
He grew an inch in a week!

Today, McCoy is 1 week old!!! Happy 1 week birthday little boy. Mom and Dad love you!
He is such a good baby. When he sleeps, he doesn't make a peep. He is finally getting the hang of nursing. His feet are as long as my pointer finger. He loves to have his feet touched. He looks exactly like me when I was born, but has Blake's ears and toes.

1 week old!

I'm recovering slowly... We won't be having another baby for a while. haha I feel like I'm in high school again doing the flying jump splits. Other than feeling icky south of the border, I feel great! I see why maternity leave is 6 weeks, it's just so your crotch can heal, not to get used to have a baby! HA HA

McCoy loves his bath.

We go through like 3 outfits a day with this kiddo! Good thing we won a washer and dryer because we use it more now than ever!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just Our Luck!

Okay so I know that I said our next post would be about our little one's arrival but... as you can see NO BABY!!!

Monday night, I got the best sleep in the world knowing that the next night (Tuesday) I wasn't hardly going to get any sleep due to the fact that we were scheduled to go to the hospital at 3am. So before Blake went to work at 6, we decided to go eat at IHOP since that was going to be my last meal for a while. Well around 7ish I got a phone call from the hospital, just thinking that they were calling to remind me to come in at 3. WRONG! The nurse said that all the rooms were full, so don't come at 3 and we will just give you a call when it's your turn. So do you think that I got any sleep last night??? NOPE!!! Blake got some good sleep, but not I. Well this morning I called to see where we were at and there is still no room! Come on people... go home so I can have my baby please! I seriously feel like Marry and Baby Jesus. No room at the Inn so your going to have to give birth with animals.
Talk about a birth plan not going to plan right?! My mom is thrilled because now she will be here, but who knows... we will probably be waiting around forever.
So now I'm sitting here very uncomfortable trying to wait very patiently for that golden phone call, thinking about what I should eat now and drinking a Delicious cherry coke. Blake will call my phone thinking it's funny as I rush to grab it thinking it's the hospital... NOT FUNNY!
I've seriously have had our bags packed for weeks!

Got our maternity pictures back, so here is a few.

This is my favorite!

Got to have me some leopard=)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Home Strecht!

This will be my last post being pregnant!!! I can't wait! Okay we are both so excited=) I told Blake that this will be our last weekend ever not being parents. I asked him what he wanted to do, and he said go eat at Texas Roadhouse! HA Love you honey! But seriously we are so excited to meet our little bean sprout and can't wait to see what he looks like.

Went to the dr today and I thought that I would have progressed a little- WRONG! I'm still the same. But I'm being induced on Wednesday, November 2nd at 3am! It was supposed to be Thursday but schudling got messed up. I asked my doctor to do this because my mom needed to get a plane ticket and needed someone to go stay with Rex. He was going to come out, but he is just too weak and doing chemo treatments. Good thing there's skype so he can see his grandson=)My mom is flying in on the 2nd but not till that night, so by the time she gets here our little one will already be here. Though it'll be nice to have my personal nurse when I go home for a while.
A few things just hit me that made me so excited about becoming a mom: I can't wait to have fun kid parties! Holidays are going to be so much fun, like Halloween and Chirstmas. I have a real reason to go shopping on Black Friday now! Yeah I've traded my Cosmo magezine in for Parents magezine, but love it!

The last month is the worst... I don't feel good at all and I just want Blake to hold me, but it's a little hard (okay VERY HARD) when you have a big belly in the way =( Plus he kicks me pretty hard in my right ribs.
Sleeping: I sleep pretty good from 9:30 until 3 am and then all I do it toss and turn the whole time until I get for practice at 5:10am. Yes people I am one tough cookie to still be getting up and going! Strangely, I like it becuase it helps me focus on something else besides being so uncomfortable these last few days. I'm so proud of my girls! They are serisouly the sweetest young ladies ever and so glad that I decided to help coach them. They make it so enjoyable=) Football season was a great success and now just getting ready for compeition season.
Cravings: I can not get enough yoplait yogurt (if you eat them, save your lids to save lives!), peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and oatmeal!
Weight: HA Wouldn't you like to know how much I've gained! I can't wear my wedding ring anymore and can't really wear my boots that zip up. I can barely put socks and shoes on, with this belly being in the way and all.
I do love having long hair, I think this is the longest it's ever been.

We went deer hunting and saw nothing!!!!! I'm pretty sure that I was the only one 9 months pregnant and hunting on a mountain. I'm actually surprised at how good I did hiking around, yeah I'm way slower but I did it =) Blake shot a pretty nice buck on the muzzel loader hunt. He was stoked about it!

Blake got accepted to Colorado! I'm just so proud of him and how hard he works for our little family. Now we are just waiting for an interview from the U. We are crossing our fingers for that school so we don't have to split up our family becuase I have to stay in Utah and do my student teaching for 60 days.

Well our next post will be of our little boy! Named either Bentley, McCoy, or Ryker...
Oh and Happy Halloweeny Everyone!!!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011


I had a doctor appointment last week(35 weeks) and we found out that I was 75 % thinned out! We were all pretty shocked. Today I had an appointment and come to find out that I'm 75/80 % thinned out and dilated to a 1/ a 2. To be honest I was a little disappointed (just because I'm so sick of being pregnant!)... I thought that I would go in and doc would say 'you are 100% thinned out, dilated to a 4, let's go check you in at the hospital'... SIKE! I only thought this because Blake is out of town. My blood pressure is high for me so if it's high next week then he may start me=) Key word may. Hopefully bean sprout will decided to come before Thursday. I did have my first dream about him last night. I woke up so warm and fuzzy. He had lots of dark dark hair and was a little chunker. I was born with very little strawberry blonde hair and pretty sure that Blake didn't have any hair so I will be very surprised if our little one has any hair too. But who knows!

Blake had a pharmacy school interview like 2 weeks ago in Arizona at Midwestern and got ACCEPTED =) He was told that he wouldn't find out if he got a spot until a week later, but the lady who interviewed him was so impressed that she called Blake the next day! Ha! We were shocked. So proud of him! Blake has another pharmacy school interview today in Denver, Colorado. You may ask why did he go to another interview if he got accepted: Well AZ is a 3 all year round school and CO is a 4 year school so we wanted two options.

Last week Blake and I took some maternity pictures down in St. George. It couldn't have gone any more prefect. We had a great photographer and I recommend her!!!!!! Here is her blog, go check her work out! Blake was a great sport! We are doing an ABC book with our maternity and newborn sessions.

I'm pretty lucky that I don't have any stretch marks on my belly =)
I'm so glad that we got these done and can't wait to see the rest in a week!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Have You Ever...

Have you ever gotten terrible news that it's so hard to even explain what comes over your body? I'm not talking about getting bad news that your car needs to be fixed for $900, nor that you find out that you bombed a test thinking that you are a failure in life.

Have you ever been so scared for the next few months to come and go knowing that things will never be the same?I'm not talking about being nervous for a new baby to come into this world, nor knowing where you are going to go graduate school.

Have you ever thought 'why now'? These next few months are suppose to be the most happiest time with Heavenly Father sending us a new life coming, but at the same time as a life may be going Home to Heavenly Father.

Have you ever thought 'wow, that General Conference talk applied directly to my family that it's kind of scary what we just heard'?

Have you ever noticed that whatever you are dealing with in your life, you hear that dreadful topic being sung about on the radio 24/7?

Have you ever had to sit back and watch people you care about be in so much pain knowing that there is nothing you can do for them?

Have you ever felt so helpless?

Have you ever wanted to be so selfish to tell someone you can't just quit now?

Have you ever felt guilty for being a brat growing up when they were only trying to be a father figure in your life?

What's better: Being able to prepare yourself for a tragedy of what may come or just wake up one day and tragedy hits you in the face? This is a toss up! I see the pros and cons of them both.
Pray for strength and courage for my sweet family.

I'm so grateful for Blake, my family, and Blake's family. I'm so glad to have the Church in my life and know that families can be together forever. Having a testimony of eternal life makes things a bit easier knowing life doesn't end here. There are no goodbyes, only see you later.

Love you Mom. Love you Rex, or should we call you Howard;)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last Hooray!

My cousin got married this past weekend, so my mom flew in for the festivities. Shala and David had their wedding dinner at Tucano's on Thursday night, so my mom and I went up to Salt Lake for that. I wanted to go shopping so bad... but we didn't have any time. But seeing family, yummy food, and getting up north was alot of fun! The only thing is that I ate some garlic steak and it gave me heartburn =( Who would have thought, garlic?! Friday they got married in the temple. It was awesome to be able to see my sweet cousin get sealed to her best friend. Oh how it brought back such great memories of me and my Blakey! Love you honey! Then we had to rush to Ferron for the reception, but I wasn't leaving without eating Chic-Fil-A for lunch! Oh how I miss you! It think they should have one in Cedar, or at least St. George!!! Blake couldn't miss his class on Friday, so he just met us in Ferron. Their reception was soo cute! Instead of just a a sign in book, they had a photo booth where you took your picture and put it in the book and signed next to your picture! (Blake and I were in charge of that) So stinkin cute! Their theme was like 50's so they pulled up in a pink Cadillac. Played lots of old music. Had root beer floats, cotton candy, and much more! I hope they got to enjoy it as much as I did!
Then we drove some more to Delta. It was Hadley's farewell. He did an awesome job! And we ate some more food=) Can't get between a pregnant lady and her food right;)

Me and my mom at the Temple

My darling husband<3 at the reception.

Anyways... all that driving made me pop a rib out of place! SERIOUSLY???!!! I've never been in so much pain in my life. It felt like a needle was stabbing me my back. Thank goodness for chiropractors right? He said that my hips are in great alignment and are ready to have this baby- thank goodness! This past weekend was definitely my last hooray before our big bean sprout comes. Now just have to make it to St. George and back safely for our maternity pictures.

Blake has his first pharmacy school interview this week. It's at Midwestern, which is Glendale, AZ. I hope all goes well for him. We are rootin for this school. I miss him already and he's only been gone for a few hours. Oh how I love pregnancy hormones...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Counting Down

32 Weeks and 4 days (I don't know why it's so little)

I know that I said our next post would be maternity pictures, but our photographer dropped her camera on site and it broke =( So they will be down the beginning of Oct. I'm super stoked for them! We are doing an ABC book. It'll make more sense when you see the pictures.

So we have started our prenatal classes. HA! There is us and another couple so far. Blake just laughs at me because I ask alot of questions. We went over the warning signs of when you should go to hospital. Kind of made me paranoid! Blake just laughs about all the breastfeeding stuff. Oh how I love my husband =) Took a tour of OB unit and how that all works. They told me that they throw the baby on me as soon as he is out... I wish I could have seen my face because I said "like they don't clean him off first?", and she said "no" and I said "SERIOUSLY?!" and she said "seriously (while laughing)". The other couple got a kick out of that. I didn't think it was too funny... But honestly, I really don't want the fist image of my baby to be of him all gross looking. Is that too much to ask?

Ready to say goodbye to...
-Lots of potty breaks.
-Not being able to bend down to pick something up without feeling like he's going to pop out!
-Heartburn and chalky tums

Ready to say hello to...
-Bentley (My pick) or McCoy(Blake's pick)= (I think his name will be decided by a coin toss, because we both are too stubborn to budge)
-Cherry Coke! How I have missed you!!!!!!

I seriously can not wait till he gets here! I'm just too excited=)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pregnancy Rant :/

Can I just say... I'm so excited that I only have 8 more weeks of being pregnant! Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful that we are blessed to have a baby and that Heavenly Father has decided to bless us with this little boy, but I can not wait till he is out of my belly! I swear he is laying sideways; punching and kicking me at the same time. I need to video tape my belly, because he is seriously having a party in there! I still can't get used to it. He won't let me sleep, becuase he is up all night and I have to switch sides about every hour. Little stinker! I guess he is getting me ready for when he is here. Also I get out of bed at 5am to go practice and guess what? He is wide awake at practice, but who can blame him with music blarring. I need some tummy plugs!
Hips and Boobs- I thought I had great birthing hips before getting pregnant and had no clue that they would grow!!! And talking about growing... boobs- no more!!! They don't even make a size for me and Dr. N said that they will just get bigger! No, please stop now!!!!
Clothes- Seriously.... don't even get me started. I tried on about 7 different outfits this morning. I can't handle it! Between my boobs and belly, nothing fits!Even when I lower my standards to sweats, my t-shirts are too small and blake's t-shirts are too big. There is no happy medium these days when it comes to clothes and it's kind of depressing.
The doctor's appointment went good. Nothing new except his head is down for now, but he still has room to flip every which way so hopefully he will stay head first.
School started- Blake has 16 credits this semester and I have 6. Ha! I don't have any quizes or tests, just lots of presentations, papers, and tutoring a student. Blake quit CAL Ranch and is now a tutor at SUU. We really like his new job! He gets weekends and holidays off- WHOOT WHOOT! Also Blake got an interview for Midwestern (it's in Glendale, AZ). We are super excited and I'm so proud of him=)

*******Sorry no pictures. We take our maternity pics this weekend, so next post will have some belly shots*******

Friday, August 19, 2011

Craft Day Anyone?

Hey! So I'm planning on doing a craft day, not sure where yet, it'll depend on who signs up to come but just wanted to invite you to look at the projects.
McKenna Jeffery, from Delta, is going to come down on Oct. 8th (not sure about time yet either). She is a teacher for Poppy Seed Projects and is going to teach us these amazing projects! The projects will include: Temple Portraits, Family Portraits, Clocks, and Picture Plaques. She will charge $3.50 per project for gas money.

Temple Portraits $57:

They look just like the ones at Desert Book that are like over $200! And there are 27 different temples to choose from.
26” x 32”. Absolutely gorgeous! $6.50 is you want vinyl and $2.00 on top of that if you want it personalized like your name. But if you have a circuit then I'd do vinyl on my own.

Family Portraits $57:

11'' x 14'' picture, but 26'' x 32'' finished with frame. There are 4 different backgrounds to choose from. It includes 2 vinyl accents and then it's $6.50 for a 3rd.

Clocks $54.02:

25” x 25”. Can add a VINYL CENTER (can be personalized with name and date) for additional $7.42. Can add VINYL CORNERS for additional $7.42 Come in 4 different colors.

Picture Plaques:

Photo Plaques $13.50:12" x 12" add vinyl for $3.95

Greg Olsen Plaques $15.50: 10"x12"

Divided Plaques $9.95: not sure on size. 5 different ones to choose from.

Anyways go to, go to classes and look at all the neat stuff =) I'm going to do this for sure, because the temple project is a major bargain! Just think, Christmas will be here in no time ;)
Let me know if your interested, also the more the merrier so invite a friend. Send me an email, phone call, or text if you are interested so I can get ya all the info. email is, cell is 469-867-2741.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Myers Family Vaca

So it's been over a month since we all went on our vaction...
We all went to TEXAS =) Favorite place in the whole world! Blake's little brother got his mission call to Houston (well it's not really Houston, it's right between Dallas and Houston- more the back country) so the whole Myers clan decided to take a trip down there. SO FUN!!! We stayed at my house, which was awesome! We did so much in so little time. The weather wasn't bad at all until our last day! We all about died. Thanks to the Myers family, we love you!

Houston Space Satation Musuem- Saturn Space Shuttle

This is where real astronauts train!!! Totally recommend going to this place!

WW2 Ship in Galevston

WW2 Submarine in Galevston

Baby Shower

All the wonderful shower gifts!

High School Besties<3

My parents got sealed in the Dallas Temple

Pretty cool that we were all there to support them!

Aww love baseball!

Water Park!

Threw this picture in here just for fun. This was in June at camp.

My cute team<3 Love you girls!