Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Ego is Prego!

Yes yes, the secret is out! Our little bean sprout will be here November 6. We are so excited and can't hardly wait. The first 5 weeks were great but then ever since that, I've been pretty icky. At first I was just so nauseated, but then I was seeing more and more of the toilet. Blake has been so supportive helping me, I'm so lucky to have him. Love you!
Here are some funny things that have happened the past 12 weeks...
-While puking in the restroom at SUU, I had 2 women try to talk to me about breast
feeding and being pregnant. Couldn't really get a word in if you know what I mean.
-Can't stand grilled chicken! YUCKY!!!!
-Been living on dumb dumbs, jollie ranchers, frozen peaches, Popsicle, and crackers.
-Don't really like chocolate or desserts anymore=(
-Love anything salty!
-Water tastes nasty.
-Get up about every 2 hours to go to the bathroom in the night.
-Been exhausted.
-My pants are too tight that I have to use a rubber band to make them stretch, or
else the button cuts me in half.
-By the time I'm 8 months pregnant, I may need a Pamela Anderson bra.

We've already had an ultrasound and got to see our little baby. The heartbeat was 178. I was so surprised at 9 weeks it actually looks like a baby. I was expecting to see just a circle. At one point it was going nuts and waving it's little stubby arms around.

I have a feeling it's going to be a boy. We don't really care what we have, we just want a healthy baby.
We feel so blessed that Heavenly Father has decided to send down one of his chosen spirits to us. We just can't wait till November comes!!!!
We love you little bean sprout<3

Monday, April 4, 2011

Family Post

Spring Break came and gone along with family. It was my cousin's wedding over spring break so my parents flew in for the weekend=) It was great to see them! The wedding festivities were in Sandy/ South Jordan so we went and ate at The Mayan. That was pretty fun. You pay more for the experience then the food. If you've never been, they have like a diving show and you eat "in the trees, in the jungle". It was cool. It was nice to have all the family there. My other cousin and his family live in Singapore for his job right now, their connecting flight was in Tokyo, Japan. They were there when the earthquake hit!!! Luckily they weren't injured, but their flight was canceled and they were running out diapers, baby food, etc. so they were able to get on the first flight to the US when the airport opened back up. Thank goodness!

Blake and I<3 He just turned 25 on April 1st.

Our last family picture was in July when right before Rex had his big surgery. Shout out to my mom<3

Rexie Poo=) Doesn't he look so good for only having a 5% chance of living?! Way to go!

Blake and I are barely surviving school... We are so ready for a long summer break with family vacations! I swear if the weather was way nice like it was for 1 day last week, I think I would be a much happier camper. Mother nature is such a tease. Besides school, Blake is still working at CAL Ranch and I am the new Canyon View Drill Team Assistant. I'm way excited! I know some of you may think I'm crazy, but I absolutely love it here! We have 20 girls, and almost half of the team is FRESHMAN- we love our babies<3 We don't start practice until May, which is fantastic so I can really just focus on Calculus for the next few weeks. I tell ya what, I will be soo happy when I'm done with Calc=) I'm kind of bummed though because this fall I only have 2 classes. Everyone else will be in the block and I will have to wait until Spring semester. BUMMER....

Any who, that's all folks. Stayed tuned for a new update in about 3 weeks=)