Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Recap

We have Internet now!!! So sorry about no posts and this will be a picture over load post.

We will start with our trip to Dallas to help my mom pack and move to Utah.
The air conditioner broke when we were in Dallas so we thought we would go to the aquarium.


We also went to a place where you drive your car threw a little safari, oh and you feed the animals. I was freaking out when the animals got to close to McCoy but he seemed to love it!
                                                            Some kind of deer.                                                                


        Had to stop and take a picture with the Longhorns!

Family moment

On our drive to Utah we had to stop at the Big Texan Steak House! It's the famous one on Man vs. Food. I had prime rib and it was to die for!!! If you ever go to Amarillo go there!

                         We also went to the Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo and we all signed our names.

Just summer fun....
 Swimming with Briggs!

4th of July Parade. McCoy didn't really know what to think about it all.
My 2 favorite guys!

    Playing out at the Res.
Tractor ride with Grandpa part 1.

     Tractor ride part 2... He feel asleep so fast.

                                                   McCoy now walks with his walker and with furniture. He started to crawl like 2 weeks ago but would rather walk everywhere with help than crawl. He can go up the stairs... and he is into everything!!! But we sure do love our little monkey! And his favorite movie is Tangled.

Rodeo with Dad.

Well we have moved to Salt Lake. A bitter sweet moment for us. Living in Delta for the summer grew on me and I didn't want to leave to go to a big city. Blake starts Pharmacy school on Monday and then I start my student teaching on the 27th! Ill be with 4th grade 6 weeks and then 2nd grade for another 6 weeks. Until then I am just going to try to get the house situated and spend some time with my little boy. I hope you all have had a great summer!