Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last Hooray!

My cousin got married this past weekend, so my mom flew in for the festivities. Shala and David had their wedding dinner at Tucano's on Thursday night, so my mom and I went up to Salt Lake for that. I wanted to go shopping so bad... but we didn't have any time. But seeing family, yummy food, and getting up north was alot of fun! The only thing is that I ate some garlic steak and it gave me heartburn =( Who would have thought, garlic?! Friday they got married in the temple. It was awesome to be able to see my sweet cousin get sealed to her best friend. Oh how it brought back such great memories of me and my Blakey! Love you honey! Then we had to rush to Ferron for the reception, but I wasn't leaving without eating Chic-Fil-A for lunch! Oh how I miss you! It think they should have one in Cedar, or at least St. George!!! Blake couldn't miss his class on Friday, so he just met us in Ferron. Their reception was soo cute! Instead of just a a sign in book, they had a photo booth where you took your picture and put it in the book and signed next to your picture! (Blake and I were in charge of that) So stinkin cute! Their theme was like 50's so they pulled up in a pink Cadillac. Played lots of old music. Had root beer floats, cotton candy, and much more! I hope they got to enjoy it as much as I did!
Then we drove some more to Delta. It was Hadley's farewell. He did an awesome job! And we ate some more food=) Can't get between a pregnant lady and her food right;)

Me and my mom at the Temple

My darling husband<3 at the reception.

Anyways... all that driving made me pop a rib out of place! SERIOUSLY???!!! I've never been in so much pain in my life. It felt like a needle was stabbing me my back. Thank goodness for chiropractors right? He said that my hips are in great alignment and are ready to have this baby- thank goodness! This past weekend was definitely my last hooray before our big bean sprout comes. Now just have to make it to St. George and back safely for our maternity pictures.

Blake has his first pharmacy school interview this week. It's at Midwestern, which is Glendale, AZ. I hope all goes well for him. We are rootin for this school. I miss him already and he's only been gone for a few hours. Oh how I love pregnancy hormones...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Counting Down

32 Weeks and 4 days (I don't know why it's so little)

I know that I said our next post would be maternity pictures, but our photographer dropped her camera on site and it broke =( So they will be down the beginning of Oct. I'm super stoked for them! We are doing an ABC book. It'll make more sense when you see the pictures.

So we have started our prenatal classes. HA! There is us and another couple so far. Blake just laughs at me because I ask alot of questions. We went over the warning signs of when you should go to hospital. Kind of made me paranoid! Blake just laughs about all the breastfeeding stuff. Oh how I love my husband =) Took a tour of OB unit and how that all works. They told me that they throw the baby on me as soon as he is out... I wish I could have seen my face because I said "like they don't clean him off first?", and she said "no" and I said "SERIOUSLY?!" and she said "seriously (while laughing)". The other couple got a kick out of that. I didn't think it was too funny... But honestly, I really don't want the fist image of my baby to be of him all gross looking. Is that too much to ask?

Ready to say goodbye to...
-Lots of potty breaks.
-Not being able to bend down to pick something up without feeling like he's going to pop out!
-Heartburn and chalky tums

Ready to say hello to...
-Bentley (My pick) or McCoy(Blake's pick)= (I think his name will be decided by a coin toss, because we both are too stubborn to budge)
-Cherry Coke! How I have missed you!!!!!!

I seriously can not wait till he gets here! I'm just too excited=)