Sunday, October 21, 2012

I never know what to title my posts....

 So here is what has been going on...
I am half way done with student teaching!!! Yippee! I really really loved my 4th grade class. It was all about having fun and working hard. They were all awesome kids and I had a great mentor teacher that basically let me take over the entire time! Now I'm in 2nd grade and I'm really struggling. The attitude in the class is so depressing. I feel really sad and sorry for these kids. My goal while I'm here is to make school enjoyable and learning fun. Plus I try to be really positive with them since they don't get alot of that. But this week I'm a stay at home mom=) Our nanny (AKA my mom) went to a convention in Vegas for a whole week so I had to take a whole week off. McCoy is every excited about me staying home with him 24/7! Blake is loving pharmacy school. Haha it's stressful but he is doing a great job! We are so proud of him. Love you honey! Well this will probably be my only post until student teaching is over exspect I'll post some pictures of McCoy's 1st birthday. I still sometimes can't believe we have a kid... and he's about to be 1! McCoy has been walking all over the place. Pretty scarey... anyways untill next time yall!

Since teaching 2nd graders I have found 7 year old self again!

 McCoy loves swings!

And he lovvvessss chocolate ice cream!

 Blake's white coat cermemony at the U, he is offical now=)
Our pumpkins this year: Blake's buck, my mom's TX, mine Texas Longhorns, and McCoy's baby feet and hands (I saw it on pintrest and I must say it looked way cuter online)

 We went to the pumpkin patch for FHE.
 Our munckin was so worn out he fell asleep waiting for lunch.
McCoy loves it when mom is home with him!