Friday, January 29, 2010

Where Has The Time Gone

Wow, it's been awhile since we've updated our blog...
There has been lots going on. Blake and I are back in school. Not that busy as last semester but we still have plenty of studying and homework. We figured out that I will graduate in Fall 2011! And Blake will be applying for pharmacy school about the same time I will be done, so we will luck out (hopefully).
But let's back up. Over the break my parents came to Delta to stay awhile. It's always a good time when they come! We had a great Christmas Eve, even though I had to sit on Santa's lap (I was one of those kids who was afraid of Santa, and I haven't seemed to shake that off yet), but it was good to have everyone there at the Myers. Waking up Christmas day next to my husband was awesome! We got alot of presents... and a new puppy, Ace! He is a austrialan shepard border collie and he is so funny! He loves the snow! We also had the adventure of helping my family give shots and pregger checking a cow. Yes, I stuck my arm up it's bum and felt a baby, soo cool! But they have some very wild cows and one tried to attack me!!! I went to close the gate behind it and the cow ran at me, thank goodness for watching rodeos because I jumped on the fence and that stupid cow missed me by a second. Fewww! Blake about had a heart attack. HAHA. We also went duck hunting in freezing weather! We took Jaxon and he had a good time too.
It was good to have a break from school and to be with our family. Thanks everyone!

Christmas Eve- What a good lookin family!

I say no more...

The twins had their baby blessing. They looked so cute in their little tuxes!

Blake's family and my family all went sledding together at TV Hill... so fun!

Having a Nativity scene with 2 "baby Jesus" with cowboy Joseph and 2 cleaning wise men.

Went to go see the lights at Temple Square. So Beautiful!