Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Happenings

Lots has happened these past few months. Blake is working at CAL Ranch and is loving it. He comes home with a list of things he wants and we spend like half of his pay check there. Ha! I have been doing Mohey this summer and working at Southwest Tanning Salon. I took my officers to Officer Camp and I was blown away with how talented they are! I'm so lucky to have such great officers. We had team camp at home this year and we all slept in the gym together! I must say I'm a freaking amazing coach, along with my assistant, for sleeping there. Good memory but was very glad to go home and sleep in my own bed with my husband next to me=) I'm so proud of the girls and how they handled camp- it was hard and pushed them very hard, but did awesome! The routines were great and can't wait till competition!!! Cedar celebrated the 4th on Monday so Blake and I got to go to Delta Saturday. We weren't able to go to the parade=( because Blake had to work but we hustled over there to go to the DERBY! I felt like this year it wasn't as good as past years because the announcer was not my favorite- they need to get my Uncle Jim back!- and there wasn't very many people in the heats. After spending Sunday in Delta we came back to Cedar. The girls performed so good in the parade and got so many compliments. Once again, I'M SO PROUD!!! Right now we have a break and get July off but as soon as August comes we are back to practice.

My cute little team at camp=) Love them!

4th of July Parade

Blake and I went home to Texas to visit my family and to be there for Rex's surgery. The surgery is a pretty big deal and was scheduled for that week but unfortunately his white blood cells were too low so had to reschedule it for next week. My mom is such an amazing person and is doing a great job taking care of Rex. When we first got there I could hardly look at Rex because you could tell that he was in alot of pain and it just broke my heart. This cancer is really beating Rex down and hopefully this surgery will take care of it. Rex is the type of guy that will do anything for anyone. A couple of his friends came by to cheer him up and you could tell that they were really lucky to have a friend like him and were very concerned about him. The day we found out that Rex wasn't going to be able to have his surgery we got into a car accident! We were on the fwy and some 18 rear ended me. What happened was some stupid thug was backing up on the shoulder fast and was swerving into my lane and everyone slammed on their breaks. Our plan was to trade my car out there for a truck but for some reason that was not in Heavenly Father's plan... and my car is in the shop=( So as soon as my car is fixed, we are selling it and getting a truck. I do feel like we could of spent more time with Rex than going to go look at trucks. It was really hard to leave and even thinking about it makes my tear up. I love my family more than anything in this whole world and it sucks that they are so far away. I'm lucky to have Blake's family so close and love them with all my heart but it's just not the same.

Family Picture

Blake and I met up with my gal pals from high for dinner one night. It was really good to see them and to catch up on what is happening in their lives. I do miss those old days of hanging out at each others houses laughing nonstop about everything and going on crazy drives around town. GOOD TIMES=) I think Blake felt a little awkward because he was the only guy. I have the best husband ever though!

High School Besties

Beautiful Sunset somewhere in New Mexico

Now it's just work work work and no play... When I have a few days off Blake has to work, and when he has a day off I have to work. Life does not go according to plan sometimes. But you got to love it!