Thursday, March 7, 2013

I HATE Jumping Jacks!!!

Where to even start... This post is more of a truth post.
In high school I was fit because I had drill team practice everyday and a swimming pool that kept me on my toes. I went to college and lost a lot of weight due to fact that I didn't eat alot since I didn't have a personal chef, aka my mom, and I also had ulcers that hospitalized me because I couldn't eat or drink for a week. Then I got married and stayed the same weight. But then we decided to try for our sweet baby boy :)
***side note*** I don't want this to sound like a would rather have my prebaby bod. I love McCoy so much and it's a miracle that he is even here!!!

Okay so I gained quite a bit of weight. I didn't eat hardly any sweets but that pregnancy made me super tired and all I wanted to do was lay down. So I'll admit I didn't stay active like I should have.
I had McCoy during school so working out wasn't really a top priority. I was a full time student and a full time mom. And when I had some down time to myself it was used towards sleeping, cleaning, cooking, and homework.

But now that I'm officially done with school, can I get an amen?! I can focus more on me. Yippee!!! So here's the deal y'all... In the mornings I usually just do some floor exercises like free weights and crunches and turbo jam or sometimes I'll get on the elliptical for 10-15 mins. I will eat a healthy breakfast like eggs, smoothie, or yogurt with granola. here is a link for the march calendar (see pic below)

Lunch is usually salad time with some chicken for protein or tuna with crackers.

Dinner is nothing too special but try to only take one serving.

Than Blake and I have been doing Jillian micheals, the lady from the biggest loser show, 30 day shred! Wow wee! That as kicked our butt! When we fist started i could barely do a push up now i can do more than 10 in a row! And i forgot how much i hated jumping jacks! i have to wear 2 sports bras in order to do them. But we are down 6 days and I can already tell a huge difference. My muffin top has shrunk and my arms are more sculpted. There was no my in hell I was going to take a before picture but maybe I will take an after picture ;) I haven't gotten on the scale yet but when I'm finished ill let ya know how much weight I lost.

Now after these 30 days we plan on starting insanity. Hopefully we can do it!

These pictures go in order... According to my body size.

Also has anyone heard of the new miracle fat burning pill called raspberry keytone? If so what do you know/think about it?

My next post won't be so depressing!

Ps don't know why my pics are half cut off.... Gerry