Monday, August 29, 2011

Pregnancy Rant :/

Can I just say... I'm so excited that I only have 8 more weeks of being pregnant! Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful that we are blessed to have a baby and that Heavenly Father has decided to bless us with this little boy, but I can not wait till he is out of my belly! I swear he is laying sideways; punching and kicking me at the same time. I need to video tape my belly, because he is seriously having a party in there! I still can't get used to it. He won't let me sleep, becuase he is up all night and I have to switch sides about every hour. Little stinker! I guess he is getting me ready for when he is here. Also I get out of bed at 5am to go practice and guess what? He is wide awake at practice, but who can blame him with music blarring. I need some tummy plugs!
Hips and Boobs- I thought I had great birthing hips before getting pregnant and had no clue that they would grow!!! And talking about growing... boobs- no more!!! They don't even make a size for me and Dr. N said that they will just get bigger! No, please stop now!!!!
Clothes- Seriously.... don't even get me started. I tried on about 7 different outfits this morning. I can't handle it! Between my boobs and belly, nothing fits!Even when I lower my standards to sweats, my t-shirts are too small and blake's t-shirts are too big. There is no happy medium these days when it comes to clothes and it's kind of depressing.
The doctor's appointment went good. Nothing new except his head is down for now, but he still has room to flip every which way so hopefully he will stay head first.
School started- Blake has 16 credits this semester and I have 6. Ha! I don't have any quizes or tests, just lots of presentations, papers, and tutoring a student. Blake quit CAL Ranch and is now a tutor at SUU. We really like his new job! He gets weekends and holidays off- WHOOT WHOOT! Also Blake got an interview for Midwestern (it's in Glendale, AZ). We are super excited and I'm so proud of him=)

*******Sorry no pictures. We take our maternity pics this weekend, so next post will have some belly shots*******

Friday, August 19, 2011

Craft Day Anyone?

Hey! So I'm planning on doing a craft day, not sure where yet, it'll depend on who signs up to come but just wanted to invite you to look at the projects.
McKenna Jeffery, from Delta, is going to come down on Oct. 8th (not sure about time yet either). She is a teacher for Poppy Seed Projects and is going to teach us these amazing projects! The projects will include: Temple Portraits, Family Portraits, Clocks, and Picture Plaques. She will charge $3.50 per project for gas money.

Temple Portraits $57:

They look just like the ones at Desert Book that are like over $200! And there are 27 different temples to choose from.
26” x 32”. Absolutely gorgeous! $6.50 is you want vinyl and $2.00 on top of that if you want it personalized like your name. But if you have a circuit then I'd do vinyl on my own.

Family Portraits $57:

11'' x 14'' picture, but 26'' x 32'' finished with frame. There are 4 different backgrounds to choose from. It includes 2 vinyl accents and then it's $6.50 for a 3rd.

Clocks $54.02:

25” x 25”. Can add a VINYL CENTER (can be personalized with name and date) for additional $7.42. Can add VINYL CORNERS for additional $7.42 Come in 4 different colors.

Picture Plaques:

Photo Plaques $13.50:12" x 12" add vinyl for $3.95

Greg Olsen Plaques $15.50: 10"x12"

Divided Plaques $9.95: not sure on size. 5 different ones to choose from.

Anyways go to, go to classes and look at all the neat stuff =) I'm going to do this for sure, because the temple project is a major bargain! Just think, Christmas will be here in no time ;)
Let me know if your interested, also the more the merrier so invite a friend. Send me an email, phone call, or text if you are interested so I can get ya all the info. email is, cell is 469-867-2741.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Myers Family Vaca

So it's been over a month since we all went on our vaction...
We all went to TEXAS =) Favorite place in the whole world! Blake's little brother got his mission call to Houston (well it's not really Houston, it's right between Dallas and Houston- more the back country) so the whole Myers clan decided to take a trip down there. SO FUN!!! We stayed at my house, which was awesome! We did so much in so little time. The weather wasn't bad at all until our last day! We all about died. Thanks to the Myers family, we love you!

Houston Space Satation Musuem- Saturn Space Shuttle

This is where real astronauts train!!! Totally recommend going to this place!

WW2 Ship in Galevston

WW2 Submarine in Galevston

Baby Shower

All the wonderful shower gifts!

High School Besties<3

My parents got sealed in the Dallas Temple

Pretty cool that we were all there to support them!

Aww love baseball!

Water Park!

Threw this picture in here just for fun. This was in June at camp.

My cute team<3 Love you girls!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Winner Winner Baby Beginner!!!

We don't have internet so that's why I don't post on here much.
I'll be 27 weeks on Sunday and measuring a week early. I passed the gulocuse test with flying colors!!! Whoot whoot. Not even going to tell ya how much weight I've gained though ;)
Anyways this post is about winning... that's right y'all, I won a ton of stuff on the Ellen Show!!!
My mom nominated me for a mother to be give away on her show and when we got home from our cruise, my mom got a phone call from Ellen's studio telling her that we had won. My mom totally forgot about the whole thing and didn't even mention it to me that she nominated me. What did we win you ask? Alot! A washer and dryer, crib, stroller, carseat, diapers, gift card to old navy, high chair, pack and play, baby food, video camera, carrier, and much more! We are soo blessed for all these things. Pay your tithing and good things will happen!!! Thanks mom<3