Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DYI Crafts

So I'm like totally addicted to pinterest!!! I've seen a few ideas of how to make kitchen cupboard doors cute by adding a frame on top on it. Well I wen to a DI (thrift store) and found 3 cupboard doors for $1 each! I couldn't pass them up even though I didn't really know what I wanted to do with them. I was so excited to do a project like this and I'm so stinkin stoked on how they turned out!

So you first have to sand. I was originally going to paint them but then once I saw what it looked like underneath I loved the natural look so much that I just left it. Once your done sanding wipe off all the dust. 

 There was this hole from I think the knob that I wanted to cover so I was going to make flowers and just glue them but then I thought why not use velcro and then just switch the flowers out for different colors.
Then you need to put velcro on the flowers too.

Worked out perfectly!

I was going to put another picture frame on top of the door but I didn't know what color to paint it so I decided to just paint a clothes pin and hot glue it to the door. Make sure you measure!
Almost finished.

 Need to put some kind of hanging material. They have a kit at the dollar store.
 Close up of what the wire is attached to.
The final project!
So here's the recap. A pretty easy, cheap, and super cute project.
3 old cupboard doors= $3
3 8X10 pics from Costco= around $5
Picture hanging kit from the Dollar Store= $1
Fabric to make the flowers= free (already had the material)
Velcro= free (already had it from previous craft)
Paint and clothes pins= free (already had from previous project)
I also finally finished this project too! It took over a year to get it done but it's done and we are so happy with it too! We can't believe our little boy was ever that little. Also does anyone recognize the words? "It's A Love Without End, Amen."? Yup Mr. George Strait! We thought those lyrics were very appropriate for this picture.
This is from
Here's the link: if anyone is interested. They have all sorts of cute crafts to do.

I love my boys!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

McCoy's 1st Birthday

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm way behind but now that I'm done with school I'm subbing at the school I did my student teaching at. January has been way busy since alot of teachers have conferences to attend but my goal is to just sub about 1-2 days a week.
For McCoy's 1st birthday we went to the Zoo! When I turned 1 we went to the Zoo so I thought why not start a tradition? It was such a beautiful day! I couldn't have asked for a better day than that. We had a lot of friends and family come with us and I think everyone really enjoyed it. If you haven't been in the last yr you should totally go! The sea lions, polar bears, giraffes, and tigers were my favorite=) McCoy loves all animals so he was having a blast. 

Some of our family and friends that were able to come!

 I think he fits right in!
 Even the party boy still needed his nap.
 Lookin at the Rhinos with mom.
He wasn't too sure about the cake but then started to gobble it right up!
I sometimes still can't believe I'm mom! That year went by fast. There were some hard times with McCoy but I would never take those memories away. He is almost 15 months now and he is getting so fun! He makes me laugh all the time now. He can say See Ya, All Done, Hat, Meow, Mom, Nana, Dad, and a few others I can't think of right now. He still isn't sleeping every good at night so Blake or I either end up on the floor by his crib or he is in between us in bed. So any suggestions??? He was doing really good but then Christmas break rolled around.
Until next time... PEACE!