Thursday, May 26, 2011


We had a blast on our very much needed vacation=)
We left Cedar early in the morning and drove to Vegas to catch our flight... well little did we know that there was a 4 hour delay! I'm just glad I had my word find. No but seriously, the best part about having to wait forever in the airport was that I felt our little bean sprout move- No Joke! It was awesome and felt like little feathers. So finally we arrive at my house and I realize how much I just love my parents home. It was weird not rushing to the back door to see my Bandit waiting for me, I'm proud that I didn't cry.

So we had a few days to run some errands and SHOP=) Texas definitely has the best shopping in America! We bought Blake 2 really nice suits for $170- talk about a steal! I haven't even seen one suit for that much here in Utah. Oh and we had Chic-Fil-A for lunch, my favorite!

Some stuff my mom got me for EASTER. Thanks mom!
Well it's cruise time! We pack up the car and get about 30 miles away and my mom realizes that she didn't pack her suitcase with all of Rex's medicine. Luckily we weren't that far away so we had to turn around. HAHA oh mother!

Now to the cruise...

AMAZING=) We were definitely spoiled this trip because we had our very own balcony

Day 1&2: AT SEA
Relaxing is the best and I found out that I am in love with BINGO! We played I don't know how many times and got 1 number close to winning too many times. Soaking in the sun feels awesome when back home it's freezing!

Playing golf on the open sea. 2nd hole I got a hole in 1.

Water slide=)

I didn't picture Jamaica to be so mountainy. It was covered in juggle and so beautiful.
We went to an all inclusive resort. They had snorkeling, kayaks, this little sail boat, pools, lazy rivers, and water slides. I loved this day because we could just do whatever. I enjoyed the water-slides more than anyone else I think. And they had amazing pineapple and coke. It was fun to hear everyone talk with their accents.

Day 4: Grand Cayman (Water Camera isn't developed yet)
Didn't even know this island existed! It is a British Territory. I wouldn't mind going there for a whole summer and working. It was beautiful, clean, and not scary. We walked around the cute little shops before going on our excursion. We went snorkling with sting rays! It was a life time experience. They were huge and just amazing animals. What happens is, the boat anchors on this sand bar and you are about waste deep in the water and the sting rays hear the boats engines and know that there's food so they are just everywhere. SO FUN!

On the pier.

Don't we make a lovely royal couple?! They had these all over the island since their wedding was only weeks ago.

Sting Ray City

Day 5: Cozumel
By this day we were exhausted and a little tired of salt water. We were planning on just going shopping but it was sooo hot, we decided to go to a beach. We went to this beach were they had a ton of water toys.
We were about 1 hour away from Cozumel when we realized that the boat stopped. We had to turn around and go back to Cozumel because a gentlemen had a heart attack. What a bummer to their vacation!

Day 6&7: At Sea
Sun burned and ready for some steady land. These two days were hard for me. The whole trip I was doing great, but since we were behind schedule they had to kick it in gear.

Land Home: We were supposed to arrive in Galveston at like 6 am and beginning getting off the ship around 8 am. Well guess what time we got there? We got to the pier around 10:30 and got off the boat around 1! It was a very hectic day for Carnival because the next cruise guests were suppose to get on from 12-2:30. Didn't happen.

All in all it was a great family vacation and loved spending time with everyone! Thanks mom for putting it all together. In 5 years we will take you guys on a vaca to Disneyland with our little one. Love you guys!

Stay tuned for our next post... we find out what we are having in a few weeks!!! Can't hardly wait!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Best 2 Years!

2 years ago, Blake and I made the best decision of our lives... we married our best friends- each other!!! And even better it was in the temple... so I guess we are stuck with each other for ever=)

The Whole Fam Damily!

I took this one... I made Blake poise and set up how I'd like it, then my mom pushed the button. (It was a long process and I got my exercise running back and forth)

I can't believe it's been 2 years. A couple weeks ago I was thinking about that our anniversary is coming up and then I thought it was going to be our 3rd year. Ha not! I think that just means that we are having too much fun together=)
Blake woke up early this morning and made me breakfast in bed.It was way good and I was starving but unfortunately... it all came up:( We thought that was pretty funny! He sure didn't want to give me my morning kiss then! We got ready and went to the doctor today. Heard the bean sprouts heart beat, it's 160 today. Found out that we won't be finding out the sex of the beany until like the end of JUNE!!! I told my mom, and she said that she doesn't think she can wait that long. Ha ha. I thought about it and I don't think I can either!!! That seems like soo long away. Well like 2 months of waiting!
Since it's finals week and we both are stressing, we don't have anything planned for our anniversary. Oh plus Blake works tonight. grrr! But we are going on a cruise!!!! Whoot whoot!

Friday we fly to Dallas and then we all (us 2 and my parents) will drive down to Galveston to board our cruise ship! We can't wait! I'm pretty excited to see my family and to be in hot weather!!! Our cruise goes to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. We are going as a family to celebrate Rex beating cancer. Hopefully I won't be way sick the whole week.... that will be depressing.

Next post will be our vaca. Good luck to everyone who is taking finals!