Monday, April 14, 2014

Boyd Brent Myers

He is here!!!!
Boyd (named after my grandpa) Brent (named after Blake's grandpa) Myers was born February 20, 2014.
Some of you may think sharing the birth story is to personal but I'm not a very personal person and I think this miracle is beautiful and I want to share it with the world=) Plus this is my journal and I'm going to put it into his baby book.

We were scheduled to be induced February 20th at 7:30am.
I couldn’t sleep so I got up around 5:45 am got in the shower and got ready. I wanted to make sure I looked extra good=) I called the Hosital at 6:30am to make sure that it was still alright to come in. I ate a bowl of cereal, brushed my teeth, and we were out the door at 6:50am. We parked the car and arrived at Labor and Delievery a little after 7:30am and checked in. I felt like we were checking into a hotel a room. Got into our room, which we thought was huge and I changed into the sexy hospital gown.
Around 8 I was about to get my IV but there was an emergency with another patient so my nurse had to leave. We waited till about 9:30 and I got a new nurse and she finally started my IV and I started my first bag of penicillin(I was strep positive). I finished my 1st bag around 11:30 and I started my 2nd bag and got the Pitocin started then too. As soon as I got a few drops of that I got shaky, light headed, and thought I was going to pass out. Blake called the nurse and they slowed it down and I didn’t have any other problems. That was super weird! I got my epidural around 12:30 pm and the lady was giant! She played basketball for Georgia. She was very nice and blake was asking her all these medical questions. (He didn't even hold my hand or anything just stood next to her) haha I love my medical man;) I was/wasn't nervous for the epidural because with McCoy I was pushing while getting it so I didn't really remember anything other than I was screaming in pain. I kept telling myself that this is nothing compared to what it would be if I didn't get it. I kept giggling like a little school girl because of how funky my legs felt. Then they  broke my water around 1:40 pm and I was ready to push by 2. I couldn’t start pushing because my dr. was changing her clothes. My mom arrived and shortly after then my dr. I was in pain so they uped the dosage of drugs. Felt much better but had to wear oxygen. I started pushing. This time I could feel some pressure. With McCoy I was completely numb so I had no clue what to do. But I felt like my mom was counting so slow! Also I had no energy to even open my eyes but when I did I saw some young male nursing student holding one leg. Even though I was pushing I still felt awkard that this dude that I had never seen in the hours before is holding my leg. Then FINALLY at 2:29 pm Boyd was born! I was so surprised that he had hair and he was still so little! I was expecting atlest a 7 lb baby so when I saw 6.11 lbs (Almost exactly 1 lb bigger than mccoy) I was shocked.
 was so glad that I was able to be induced and that I knew what to expect so I could make this labor much more enjoyable than McCoy’s (I was the crazy lady in the movies scream her head off in pain). I loved my nurses and my doctor! It was really just a relaxing and enjorable labor. 2 hours after Boyd was born we went to postpartum. Overall everything went great! I didn't tear as bad so my recovery has been AWESOME! With McCoy I tore so bad and I swear it took 6 months to heal.

I haven't weighed myself but my tummy is way down. I just look like I've eaten a baconator. It took me over a year to loose McCoy's baby weight! But with him I gained a freaking ton. I honestly can't wait till I really workout in 4 weeks=) 30 Day Shred and Turbo Jam here I come! I really want to get back to my high school weight. And since summer is coming up I better get on it!

It has been a BIG adjustment. HELL... we are still adjusting. McCoy got a cold as soon as we got home and that has turned into an ear infection. And Boyd was nursing so good until we got thrush. Seriously?!? So I pumped for about 5 days then went back to nursing and he just bites. So no nursing here just the stupid pump. I was really sad about that. I was so excited to have that bond with him. McCoy was small and sickly that he wouldn't latch on at all even with a shield so I just had to pump with him as well.

Boyd is seriously such a good baby and only cries when he is hungry, has a bubble, or needs his bum changed. We are so glad that he made it here safe and that we he is happy and healthy. May he stay that way for awhile!

                                         Getting ready to get induced!
My dad flew in from Houston to be there for his birth. He stood behind the curtain while I pushed=)
 McCoy meeting Boyd for the first time.

He is so prefect!
This is my favorite picture of Boyd! It's as if you can see straight through his eyes and see Heaven. If only he could tell us what all he knows.

Ready to go home!
These are his newborn pictures I took of him! They turned out pretty good if I might say so myself=)


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