Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weeks AND 1 Month Old

I can't believe that Boyd just turned 2 months old! I feel like this is flying by so fast and it makes me sad =( but then I think of how much fun it'll be when Boyd and McCoy can wrestle and be best buddies!

So from going to one kiddo to two kiddos is a little ridiculous if you ask me... no wonder some people only want 1 child. My recovery was amazing! I was ready to get back to normal things like cleaning 3 days after having him. I couldn't believe how good I felt! I tore but not nearly has terrible as with McCoy and I didn't bleed as much either... (I swear everything with McCoys birth and postpartum was just hell! It took me like 6 months to feel semi-normal again!) Oh and I was loosing weight like nuts too which was amazing=)
I nursed for like first week or two (McCoy was a terrible nurser and I had to use a shield so this time I was super excited!) and then we got thrush... REALLY?! Just when I thought things were going to be prefect this time around. So I had to just pump because it was too painful and then once after 10 days I tried to nurse him again but he would bite because he got so used to the bottle! Very sad for me because I wanted to nurse Boyd for atleast 6 months. Well then........... I got freaking mastitis! Are you kidding me?! I called my doctor right when it started and the nurses didn't think I really had it and wouldn't call me in the prescription. Well over the weekend I got really bad! I would have a fever and my sheets and clothes would just be drenched in sweat all night. Finally I got some medicine and I decided I couldn't take it anymore- McCoy was acting out more because pumping and feeding Boyd would take too long, plus I didn't want to get mastitis again, and I was just exhausted! I was super sad but now my boobs are back to normal, just a little more jello like;)
And as soon as I think we are getting into somewhat of a routine the weekend comes and it gets screwed up. Haha! But we are all doing good. The first month was just a doosey (sp?)!

Boyd is the calmest baby(total opposite of McCoy) and only crys when he needs his bum changed, hungry, or has a bubble. We are sooo glad that he is just prefect, because we really needed a child like that right now=) Prayers really do get answered folks! When I was pregnant we seriously would pray for a calm spirited child. I mean don't get me wrong we LOVE McCoy to death but that child is WILD!
At the Dr. office

 He only spits up on me when I wear this shirt! He must not be a Longhorn fan.


 Our first outing and it was to Hobby Lobby!
 Matching PJ'S

 Matching shirts!

 McCoys new balance bike from Nana
 Yup. not a Longhorns Fan!


 McCoy is such a big helper


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